The voucher is valid only for prints purchased at the online shop of

How to proceed:

  1. Purchase voucher online and download the voucher (PDF) and print out.
  2. Once you have purchased the voucher you will receive a promo code via email.
  3. Enter promo code into respective field on the voucher before handing it out to the recipient.
  4. The recipient of the voucher needs to enter the promo code in the check-out section of the shopping cart.
  5. The amount of the voucher will then automativally be deducted from the purchase price.

The voucher is valid for one year after purchase date and it is not refundable.
The voucher is only valid for flower prints purchased at the shop of


  • This is just a template. You will receive the complete voucher after purchase as PDF download in A4 Format.

  • Need an individual voucher with an individual value?
    Just send me an Email:
    and I am happy to issue a personal voucher for you.